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Drunk Fight at Redskins vs Vikings game

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Fight, NFL

So apparently watching the game wasn’t enough for some fans yesterday at the game. As an avid Washington Redskins fan(unfortunately), I am disappointed in the fans involved in the fight and stadium security. I understand that some fans want to have a good time at the game and drinking is how they ensure that. But for them to do this is in front of women and fans trying to enjoy the game is just ridiculous. But what is even more unacceptable, is the arrival of security 5 minutes later after the fact. The bad part about this is, this fight might have been happening at one of the more crucial moments in the game. I’m sure every stadium has fans like this, and the guy in the Orakpo jersey was wasted out of his mind. Hopefully this doesn’t happen again, and if so security responds to the fight sooner. One funny part was the guy in redskins hoodie talking trash then getting punched right in the kisser. It’s football, so you gotta keep your head on a swivel I guess.


Andre Johnson vs. Cortland Finnegan

Posted: November 28, 2010 in Fight, NFL
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Apparently this was building up all game, but as one of the commentators said that’s what Finnegan likes to do. Finnegan likes to get under the skin of opposing players, and this isn’t the first time he has got into an altercation with someone. The ravens game from two years ago come to mind, but Andre Johnson’s pocket’s are gonna get hit for sure. I also expect him to be suspended,┬áRoger Goddell doesn’t play when it comes to matters like this. He really tried to hurt Finnegan with those three punches, hopefully he has been saving money from that new contract.

Update: Both Johnson and Finnegan got fined $25,000 only, I was incorrect in my prediction.