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It’s been six years since Lloyd Banks released an album, not including the rotten apple(pun intended) he put on shelves in 2006. After dropping beamer benz or bentley, any girl, and start it up, Banks’ cd went from under the radar to highly anticipated. I for one thought that banks was done and couldn’t muster up another solid album, after his sophomore album failed miserably. Amidst drama in within g-unit, rumors of him being out of g-unit, and his absence from the game it seemed he would never release another album.

The Highs

  • CD Flow- The cd seems to have a nice flow from song to song, I don’t know about y’all but that is something I look for when evaluating an album. Also, the cd is only 13 songs and not 20 songs, which could turn listeners off.
  • Lyrics- Although he may not be the punchline rapper that turned people heads back in the early 2000’s, he still has good lyrical content and stays on topic for the most part.
  • Beat selection- He┬ádefinitely picked some nice beats for this cd, I wonder if he did the car test for the cd.
  • Features- Although this will be in “The Lows” section also, but he picked some good features that should get him so extra listens from listeners outside of his fan base.

The Lows

  • Features- As I mentioned in “The Highs” section, this is one of the lows of the cd. Although he picked good features, he may have had too many features. Out of his 13 songs, 11 of them have features on them. Thats 84% of the songs on the cd with features, and of those 11 songs 6 of those have other verses from rappers.
  • Tony Yayo- This guy almost ruined the cd for me. One song in and Tony Yayo graces the listeners with the line, “The difference between me and you is, you mel gibson wit yo bitch and im a pimp.” I mean I understand where yayo was trying to go with that line, but it just didn’t work. I wonder how much yayo had to pay to get on that song, and who told him his verse was hot?

Favorite Tracks

My favorite tracks, not including the singles, would be Father Time, On The Double, and I Don’t Deserve You.

Father Time

On the Double

I Don’t Deserve You

At the end of the day, I enjoyed the album and would recommend giving it a listen if you’re into this type of music. I would also purchase the album, but I may be a little biased towards Banks since I’ve been a fan of his since HFM. Let me know what you think of the album and my review of the album.